Bahraa is a leading Saudi Company providing Telecommunication, IT Solutions & Computer Programs with more than 22 years of experience. (Commercial Registration No. 1010109268)

The Bahraa, believes that for a company to stay in the business ,it must develop continuously. It must adapt to world wide market changes, promptly providing its customers with the state of art projects at competitive price with total quality service overall towards promoting a profitable business. We have adopted this as our objective and we are moving forward successfully.

Bahraa will continue its tradition in offering high quality products, competitive price, as well as prompt service to its customers. Furthermore, Bahraa's strong R&D team will always provide customers with advanced products in order to keep them at the most competitive information technology industry.

  • Main Distributer for PABX (Panasonic, Meridian, Ericson), Supply, Installation, Maintenance.
  • Specialized Teams for Internal Network Inspection.
  • ADSL Splitter devices and converters DTMF/ FSK.
  • Metallic and Barcode phones plus the internal and external phone booths.
  • CCTV Cameras & many Security Systems.
  • Special computer programs for fast food delivery & Restaurants, showing the caller ID and Customer No. which will be the Code for his informations with his location map and possibility to record all the calls.
  • Digital recording systems for PBX and Direct Lines, available in different capacities starting with one line and up to 128 lines.
  • USB mobile SMS messenger / Call recorder UM100 and Bluetooth call recorder for mobile phone MR100.
  • Solution provider in the field of telecommunication and information technology.
  • Fax Server devices like Bahraa Fax Server and BizFAX that allow sending and receiving of faxes through network and Internet Explorer, consequently a lot of saving in inks, papers and maintenance.
  • Perfect Engineers & Technicians with high level of experience & qualifications.
  • We are qualified by the Saudi Telecom Company (STC)/ the official parties and ministries/ public and private hospitals in addition to many big companies and enterprises, hotels in the kingdom.